Think on These Things {Philippians 4:8-9}

Read Philippians 4:8-9

“What was I thinking?”
“Who am I to write something like this?”
“I’m not a good wife”
“I’m so stupid, this is dumb”
“I hate my teeth”

All things I have said to myself in the midst of this project. Deeply rooted fear and insecurity that filled my mind nearly every time I sat down to work on Philippians.


Image Credit: Shandi-Lee, Creative Commons

Our thought life has much more control than we realize. About a year ago, a dear friend and I started a blog for this very issue, the issue of self-talk. We realized that much of our anxiety, fear, insecurity, and depression could be rooted in our thought life. And much of these thoughts come from losing sight of Christ and forgetting the gospel. Which is why we named the blog “Self Talk the Gospel”.

Gospel means good news. It’s the good news of Jesus! When we are battling through negative self-talk it’s because we are listening to lies in our minds about who we are, what can happen, and how God has forgotten us, rather than listening to the truth of what is good and excellent; who God says we are and how much He cares for us.

Our mind can be the greatest battlefield in the Christian life. We have to learn to take our thoughts captive and demolish strongholds and lies (2 Corinthians 10:5) before they spiral out of control, leaving us anxious, filled with fear and doubt, and in a depression.

This life is constantly retraining our mind to think on Christ. That’s why Paul gives us a list of what TO think about to help with that. It seems that in times of suffering we can choose to believe what is true, or listen to fear and let our thoughts drown out the Gospel.

I say, let’s fight fear and replace it with truth. Start today by memorizing a verse from Philippians. Make a list of things that are good, true, lovely, and praiseworthy. Don’t listen to the lies you tell yourself, listen to the truth of God’s word instead.

1. List the things Paul encourages us to think about in times of suffering.

2. What does it mean to dwell?

3. In times of suffering, what do you dwell on? The things listed in these verses, or to dwell in anxious thoughts, rooted in fear? What is one thing you can do to fight fear in times of suffering?



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