Supply Every Need {Philippians 4:14-23}

Read Philippians 4:14-23

I thank God for you
Partakers with me in grace
Complete my joy
Same mind, same love
Serve in humility like Jesus
Gain Christ
Press on
Pray with Thanksgiving
Learn to be Content

All of the lessons in this book are meant to be done through the encouragement of community, with one-another, partners in the gospel and partakers of His grace.


Image Credit: mafleen, Creative Commons

In his final lesson, again Paul makes it known that we are encouraged in community.

“Yet it was kind of you to share my trouble” (v.14).

We need each other especially in times of suffering. While Paul says his suffering has advanced the gospel, and he counts everything as loss compared to knowing Christ, he is still grateful to have others share in his joy and in his sorrow. This church in Philippi supplied him with physical means and filled him with relational joy.

This church has been a picture to Paul of what God is to us.

“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

God uses His people to meet need. He supplies us with everything, sometimes through others. He encourages us by His spirit and through His people.

Helping out our brothers and sisters in Christ is a way of reflecting God’s love. Being generous with our time, talent, and treasure is a sacrifice that is “acceptable and pleasing to God.” (v.18)

As we end this study on the book Philippians, think of ways that you can meet need for others and encourage them in their mission for God and in their time of need in suffering.

1. Reread the book of Philippians. Try to summarize each chapter in one word or short sentence.

2. What were some of the major themes of this book. How has your perspective on suffering changed after studying this letter?

3. Were you encouraged through this study? By these words? By God? By others? How can you now encourage others in their time of need?

Comment below with the one take-away you had from this book.


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