Anxiety and Worry

Read Matthew 6:25-34

My friend Meghan Alanis shares her story here with anxiety.  This post was originally found on The Well Community Church’s blog and Self-Talk the Gospel’s website.  I’d love for you to hear her story and learn how the LORD set her free from anxiety.

From Meghan:

Do you ever struggle with fear or worry? Have you ever caught yourself spiraling down the “what if” trail that leads nowhere?

Many people fall into the trap of anxiety, yet the majority of us suffer in silence, longing for the hope of freedom. As our worries and doubts marinate in the darkness of our lives, Satan grabs a foothold and off they grow. Often our fears grow so fast we feel like we have lost all faith in the strength of our Savior.

Here is my story of finding freedom from the entanglement of anxiety. It was and still is a journey of relying on the immeasurable grace of the gospel and allowing God to have the reigns of my life. Through His power, a lot of counseling, and a couple of prescriptions, I was able to find the woman He designed me to be from the beginning. I am now a woman free from worry, living a life of Joy, and falling more in love with my God everyday. This can be you too.



1.  What are some things you found comforting from Matthew 6:25-34?

2.  Is there something you found comforting in Meghan’s story?

3.  When battling worry or anxiety, are their verses you can preach to yourself to remind you of God’s goodness?

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