Spiritual Disciplines: Fasting {Week 4}

This week we’ll talk about fasting, probably the discipline we understand and practice the least.  After you’ve complete pages 37-43 in the study guide, watch the video below.  Share any new insight you had in regards to fasting!

2015 02 24 – Women’s Bible Study Week 5 from The Well Community Church on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Disciplines: Fasting {Week 4}

  1. Michelle Lebda says:

    This was my first time truly fasting and I had a really awesome experience with God. I was glad to have learned the real reasons why we fast so I could go into it and through it focused on him and not focused on the trying not to eat, like you said, obedience is greater than sacrifice. My hunger for God and intimacy with God has grown.

    • Melissa Danisi says:

      This is so encouraging Michelle! This is the discipline I practice the least, and grew the most in! It seems like such a strange thing in our culture, or done with wrong motives, so understanding it through Scripture was so helpful! Love hearing how God is growing you through this!

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