Genesis: Part 2


We are getting ready to launch the second part of our Genesis study this week.  We’ve creatively titled it: Genesis: Part 2!  Last fall, we studied the first 11 chapters of Genesis, known as the planks.  We call those chapters the planks because like the foundation to a home, they are the foundation to our faith—the solid beams upon which everything else is built.

This semester (Jan-Mar) we will study the patriarchs.  In this 8 week study, we will look at the beginning of a nation, how God called these fathers of our faith to walk in obedience and trust, living what they believe.  We will follow the lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.  We will see in the family of origin of our faith things like fear, doubt, trust, obedience, confusion, bitterness, jealousy, lying, stealing, sibling rivalry, grudges and more!  That’s right friends, that’s our family lineage.  We are a hot mess of a people, and God still loves us, redeems us, renews us, and uses us.

So if you’d like to journey through this second part of Genesis and through the lives of the fathers of our faith, you can download the bible study here.  We will upload the teaching videos each week.  Or you can join us in real life at The Well’s North Campus on Tuesday evenings 1/26-3/15 or Friday mornings 1/29-38.  Sign up here to get into a group: The Well Women’s Equipping Class

The study is designed so that you first complete the homework, spending time with God alone and allowing His Spirit to illuminate the text.  Then listen to the teaching, followed by discussion with a group or friend.  Discipleship happens best when we study, learn, connect, and grow with others.

Again, you can download the study and follow along here: Genesis: Part 2

Make sure you subscribe to my email list if you haven’t already, to receive the weekly teaching videos.

Looking forward to growing with you over these next few weeks!



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