Imprecatory Psalms {Week 5}

Imprecatory psalms are prayer songs that exhibit an intense attitude of judgment toward the enemy. These prayers are the desperate cries of God’s people for vengeance against those who commit unspeakable atrocities against them and those places sacred to God.

Societies are growing more and more dangerous to Christians in many parts of the world. Beheadings, kidnappings of epic proportions, sacred sites being decimated and millions of people displaced from their homes are all becoming commonplace. This evil is sometimes occurring to individuals simply because they refuse to denounce Christ.   Many people express anxiety, agony and guilt over what the headlines are revealing of these atrocities on a daily basis. May we find God’s heart in our suffering and learn to entrust to Him the vengeance that is His alone.

Sin continues to be present today, and there are still enemies of the redemptive plan of God. God feels the same today toward rebellion as he did in David’s time. The Bible is not in conflict with itself over truths written in plain language in both Testaments—namely, the righteous will be rewarded, and the wicked shall be punished.

We will look at the following Psalms:

Psalm 35: A Cry of Distress
Psalm 69: A Cry of Distress
Psalm 6: Deliver Me
Psalm 12: Plea for help in evil times

Womens Equipping Fall 2017 Week 2_1 from The Well Community Church on Vimeo.

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