Psalms of Ascent {Week 9}

The countdown at Times Square on December 31 just before midnight. Joining a funeral procession.
Standing to sing the “National Anthem” at a stadium.
Christmas caroling.

These types of experiences cause people to feel united, whether it’s in celebration, hardship, or another specific purpose. The psalms of ascent worked this same way for the people of Israel. These songs were sung while traveling together to Jerusalem for annual festivals. They were songs of joy for those who follow God’s ways, cries for help to the Lord, singing of God’s sovereignty, of humble surrender, of praise for His protection, and affirmations of who they placed their hope in. In other words, these were songs for the journey, songs that were sung by people in all seasons of life, as they came and went, as they journeyed.

As you study this week, ask the Lord to give you a greater understanding of who He is and how the Psalms will encourage you as you journey—to praise, to cry out for His help, to surrender and to be reminded of the hope provided. Close your eyes and visualize the people of God in their travels, who knew the same celebrations, hardships and purposes you know, and allow the living God to move your heart as He did theirs.

Watch this week’s teaching here:

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