Proverbs 30-31: Wisdom Fulfilled {Week 9}

Insecurity plagues women in our generation. We are inundated with images of beauty and perfection like no other generations before us in movies, on TV, on Instagram and Pinterest, and in magazines at the grocery store checkout counter. Everywhere we go, someone wants to show us or tell us the kind of woman we should aspire to be, and our character is hardly ever mentioned.

Without the steady foundation of our identity as a daughter of God, it is easier than ever to stake our identities on something as fleeting as our appearance or what other people think of us. We can consult all the cultural metrics for worthiness and value, but what does God’s Word say about what a godly woman should be like?

We start this week in Proverbs 30, reminding us that we are absolute dust compared to the Maker of all. We are reassured that every word of God is flawless. We can trust God because He is sovereign and eternal. And yet He cares for us tenderly enough to point our eyes to the true womanly standard, as written by the very Creator of all women. Certainly, this is a standard we can embrace.


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