Exodus: Week 3 {2:11-3:22}

This week we see Moses, the powerful leader and promised deliverer of Israel, step out into his calling.  Right gifts, clear call, yet it was the wrong time and wrong motives. Someone ends up dead and he ends up an outlaw, fleeing for his life. He steps out to fulfill his calling in his own strength and it is disastrous.

We see God respond by stepping in and hearing the cries of the people.  He calls Moses, but not in Moses’ own strength and power, this time God calls Moses and goes WITH.

Moses asks the question, “God who am I . . . ?” and God responds with:

I AM that I AM.

And I will be WITH you.

Read this week’s passage here: Exodus 2:11-3:22

Watch the LORD unfold his plan of redemption through this section of Scripture below:

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