Exodus II: Week 1 {Intro}

Exodus is the 2nd book in the Bible, written by Moses sometime between 1450-1410 b.c. to the 2nd generation of Israel.  It is a historical narrative that points us to the major theme of redemption.  This book shows us how God is faithful to fulfill His covenant promises and redeem His people.  It is a smaller story that points us to the greater story of the entire bible: the redemption of mankind in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

We are all a part of this story. Our stories fold into God’s story. What season do you find yourself in as you start this study? What sin, suffering, circumstances are you bringing to God and His people to better understand His story for you life?  This intro is an invitation to bring it to the light, to uncover the places of doubt and struggle in your own life and ask God to redeem them.

Watch the overview and intro to the second part of Exodus below:


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