Proverbs 1-4: The Beginning of Wisdom {Week 2}

“We are all being discipled by something.”

This quote I heard years ago stuck with me and helped me see I was being influenced and taught by so many things around me, some of which I wasn’t even aware. To be discipled means to be a learner and follower of a master teacher, watching his or her ways and listening to his or her teaching. By doing so, you are so influenced by his or her life that you begin to look like, act like, think like, and speak like the teacher you are following.

What are some of the things influencing you right now? What are some of the things or some of the people you are learning from? We are inundated with information, opinions, and messages daily by TV shows, commercials, celebrities, social media, bloggers, authors, artists, politicians, friends, neighbors, pastors, etc. There are so many voices speaking into our lives, influencing us, slowly changing our thinking or perspective—discipling us.

Over time, these voices can become louder than the voice that matters most: the voice of God.

Who do you listen to?
Who do you follow?
Who are you influenced by?
Is the Word of God the loudest voice in your life right now?

This week, we’ll look at the beginning of wisdom. We will learn how we can begin to have our thoughts shaped by the voice that matters most and redirect the alignment of our hearts to the Lord.


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