Proverbs 5-7: Wisdom in Times of Temptation {Week 3}

After our first week of study, we should be left with the overwhelming realization of our need for wisdom. This week, we will be left with our need for wisdom in times of temptation. We will explore the intense warnings a father gives to his son about being aware of adultery. He will sneak in some practical warnings in Proverbs 6, but these chapters overwhelmingly warn of adultery. These chapters will highlight the type of man lured by the forbidden woman, a description of this adulteress, what to look for, and the destruction, devastation and ultimate death that adultery brings.

It may seem strange that after four chapters of telling us why we need wisdom for life, the author would jump right into writing almost three chapters on adultery. But remember, the father writing these proverbs to his son is trying to get his son to marry wisdom over folly and to seek the Lord over passions of the flesh. Chapters on adultery following chapters regarding the pursuit of wisdom may seem like a strange contrast, but that is because the quickest, easiest and most devastating way to take us off the path of wisdom is to lure us into a path of sexual immorality. Sexual immorality—and specifically adultery—destroys your marriage, your family, your friendships, and ultimately, your relationship with God. These warnings are given so early on in life to prevent the kind of devastation it will bring.

Although this is written as a father to his son, these proverbs are true for daughters of God too. In fact, many of you working through these chapters this week have been affected by adultery.

These chapters may stir up wounds from the past or even the present. Be sure to give yourself grace this week. If you need time to process or someone to process with, reach out to a friend, your leader, or even someone in our Counseling Center. We hope this awakens your heart and leads you on the path toward healing.

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